We know you love your data, your business ideas, your inventions, your processes – in fact anything that your soul lies in. People call it ‘Intellectual Property’, and so do we. And, we treat it with utmost care. We know it is priceless, and so we have taken special care to create infrastructure that takes care of not only the confidentiality of your IP, but also its preservation part.


On infrastructure front, we have:

  • Dedicated servers to act as project repositories, separated logically from other servers
  • Firewall protection that restricts access to the internal teams only
  • All access points to the internal systems – USB ports, CD Drives – are disabled
  • Dedicated leased line between the two centres, that ensure point to point communication between teams, in case they are required to be stationed at different locations
  • Communication through secured channels, such as own email system
  • Strict monitoring of inflow and outflow of traffic by trained Infrastructure Team
  • Multiple backups of all customer data, including customer supplied documents, source code and development work carried out by AVI engineers
  • All employees are required to wear identity cards, and visitors are not allowed inside the production bays

In addition to the above, we execute Non-Disclosure Agreement with the customer. It, inter alia, contains assurance to you that the data that you share with us will not be shared with anyone else, without your express and written permission. Our employees are required to execute Confidentiality and Inventions Agreement, which forbids them to talk of the project even outside their teams in our own organization.

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