AVI started journey in Information Technology industry in 2010 with just one employee, besides the promoter and CEO of the organization. Our first client was the one who had spent huge sums of money on outsourcing, and had burnt their fingers pretty badly. Their code base was in bad shape, with errors cropping up every now and then. It was challenge to understand a huge piece of monolithic code without any documentation; however, with grit and determination, we started, and we could provide complete control to our customer. After that, we never had to look back. And that triggered thought of providing uninterrupted services with a proper back up plan. So was born our second development center in Ahmedabad in the year 2011.

To be readily available to client, we created our near-shore facility in UK in the same year, that is, 2011.

Today, AVI services customers spread across UK, USA, Australia, and Singapore. We have gone beyond customer vendor relationships, and proven ourselves as worthy partner on the growth path of our customers. That is the reason we get repeat business from over 90% of our customers, and others too come back even after a hiatus of 2 years.

About AVI

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We are small, yet from day one of starting our business we had defined our Vision, Mission and Values. All employees at AVI have strong affiliation to these tenets.


To become accurate, versatile and intelligent information technology services provider to Small and Medium Enterprises and Mid-sized clients across the globe.


Innovate and create higher value for our clients and become one of the best technology solution providers in the information technology industry.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Client First
  • Out of the Box Thinking
  • Precise Quality
  • Operational Excellence
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