Company Founders

  • Yogesh Rajpara Yogesh Rajpara CFO A veteran in Production Planning and Finance, he has worked for 33 years with an operational unit comprising 700+ employees belonging to a semi government institution. He posses eagles eye for detail, and is known for his accuracy towards work and critical thinking in the area of Finance. He is the core reason for AVI’s self sustainability when it comes to financing the business.
  • Devang Rajpara Devang Rajpara MD/CEO Devang is the driving force behind AVI. “The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart”, believes Devang very firmly. And that is why, he steers the organization with the grit and determination, and takes all challenges in his stride. Wearing multiple hats such as that of a technocrat, a business leader, a strategist and a leader leading from front is his forte.

Executive Team

  • Devang Rajpara Devang Rajpara Project Manager
  • Archita Rajpara Archita Rajpara Executive Business Manager
  • Baldev Ganshani Baldev Ganshani COO

Management Team

  • Paresh Mehta Paresh Mehta Business Manager
  • Viren Dave Viren Dave Production Manager
  • Jay Dave Jay Dave Business Manager – Pre Sales

Technical Team

  • Mohit Zinzuvadiya Mohit Zinzuvadiya Project Manager
  • Dashrath Gadhvi Dashrath Gadhvi Project Coordinator
  • Pradeep Jha Pradeep Jha Team Lead – Mobile Developement

Design Team

  • Rakesh Kadecha Rakesh Kadecha Design Manager
  • Atul Ajudiya Atul Ajudiya Sr. UI Designer
  • Himanshu Pathani Himanshu Pathani Sr. Web Designer

Human Resource

  • Zil Shah Zil Shah HR & Finance Executive
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